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What we do – Trade and Distribution in India


India can no longer be regarded as a third world country, with many nations now drastically reducing aid packages to the subcontinent. Instead, we have a proud nation of over 1 billion people with its own post independence history, customs and regulations: a huge potential market for all sorts of products from consumer items to heavy plant and machinery. Many of our customers have benefited from the expertise accumulated over 20 years in the Indian market by BPC Electronics LLP and have enjoyed the rewards offered by its growing economy.

Manufacture In India

In India, big is beautiful. Business is conducted within extremely hierarchical and labour-intensively specialised structures. BPC Electronics LLP has been operating in India for over 2 decades and is well placed to understand the intricacies of local business practices. Companies with commercial ambitions in India are faced with extremely high up-front costs, organisational confusion and generally incalculable obstacles in their day-to-day operations. BPC is your key to manufacturing in India and offers easy entry for businesses looking for a low cost manufacturing base. With over 100,000 square metres of factory space available, BPC is the obvious choice for electronics manufacture in Asia.

Distribution In India

The subcontinent boasts a highly sophisticated, well educated middle class who are the decision makers in this huge marketplace. After decades of trade protectionism, India is keen to lose its third world(?) country tag by having access to the resources required to match the West for quality and variety of product, be it industrial, domestic or consumer. BPC Electronics LLP can cut the "red tape" associated with entry into a difficult market and help you hit the ground running with your product in India. This will give your business a clear market advantage over those who "go it alone".


  • Safety Equipment:
    Health and safety issues in Asian manufacture have attracted the attention of many concerned parties in the West. These concerns have been turned into opportunities by one Midlands based enterprise, which BPC Electronics LLP has introduced to its Indian distribution (and manufacturing) network. Within 3 months of initial discussions the Company has already organised the pilot production run of industrial safety products.
  • LED Lighting Products:
    A leading manufacturer of architectural and marine LED lighting products wanted access to the Indian market and a considerable reduction in production costs. We had the ideal solution: manufacturing in an Indian duty free area near Delhi under our own control and management. BPC took responsibility for procurement, production and packaging, delivering fully tested assembled product to the UK, ready for sale on the world market.

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