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PCB Design Services


The research & development (R&D) management team at BPC Electronics LLP collectively has, on average, more than 15 years hardware and software experience within the electronics and printed circuit board industry. We realise that the key to growth is to offer a complete range of design options to our customer base. With a portfolio of products ranging from stair lifts to centrifuges, amplifiers to electronic waste bins, BPC Electronics LLP has a comprehensive knowledge of an extensive selection of applications and materials. In addition to schematic design, BPC provides PCB Layout services for a wide range of board types.

We endeavour to provide unique, effective solutions to complex interconnect designs to exceed your requirements for quality, performance, cost and schedule. During the development of your product, our experienced PCB designers will work closely with your engineers to ensure that the placement of parts meets mechanical and testing needs.

Our R&D departments are made up of top electronics engineers and specialists in various fields: some are featured below.

  • Design Engineering
    The BPC Electronics research and development team can help your company minimise material and manufacturing costs. One such example is the conversion of a through-hole PCB design to a surface mount version: this takes advantage of high speed surface mount technology (SMT) production methods resulting in better circuit board design, reduced costs and greater reliability.
  • Software support: UK and India
    BPC’s circuit board design capabilities cover an extensive range of technologies and applications, from basic circuit control to complex field programmable gate array (FPGA) implementations. To supplement its UK team, BPC Electronics is able to call on the services of its Indian based software house.
  • Aesthetics
    BPC has an enviable reputation for designing aesthetically pleasing, yet functional products. Its ‘ICON’ range of audio equipment has featured strongly in the national and technical press and NSM Music’s current range of digital jukeboxes manufactured by BPC is universally acclaimed for its style and performance, notably the modernistic Apollo and Fusion jukeboxes, and also the new Icon Ice jukebox, great applications of BPC’s high quality PCBs and examples of multilayer PCBs in testing environments.

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